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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

I hate to admit it ...

But Lugz has a point about Apple ripping off one of Lugz's ads with their new iPod commercial featuring Slim Shady. When I first saw this mentioned on Cult of Mac, I thought it was just because of the color scheme. After watching both videos back to back, the similarities are astounding. Especially the use of moving arrows. For shame Apple, do your homework. I know you probably had an outside firm do the spot for you. But when the 2 ads look so similar, someone should be doing a little research before these things reach the general public. And biting ideas off of someone else, that's such a Microsoft thing to do.


Well... Lugs certainly has a point. In fairness to Chiat/Day, I've seen that Lugs ad a lot during WWE programming and it didn't even cross my mind when I first viewed the Eminem iPod spot. Watching them both back to back, the similarities are obvious, but I think Chiat/Day may be on the level here when they claim not to have outright stolen it. That doesn't change the end result, and, since Apple had to approve the ad, it doesn't clear them of blame either. I guess no one in Cupertino wears boots.

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