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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 

My plans for becoming a total shut-in are almost complete ...

I just spotted this sweet baby over on engadget. Its a cinema bed. Apparently it has a fold out screen with a projector and a home theater system. And it has a place for a DVD player which I imagine I could substitute an xbox there instead. I'm telling ya, if they sold a deluxe model that came with a toilet, minifridge and microwave, lookout. Then all I'd have to do is put it by a window, direct all deliveries from the mail, UPS, and Peapod to that window, and I'd never have to leave the bed again. Although there is the tricky business of getting paid to live in my bed. I'm sure I could find a corporate sponsor. Oh yeah, they're gonna have to bury me in a Steinway box.


Put your feet up and relax ... or don't,see if I care



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